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Pool Enclosures

Our custom-built pool enclosures create a beautiful indoor/outdoor living space that reduces pool temperatures 3-10 degrees, lowers maintenance & chemical costs, and keeps your pool free of pest & debris.

Elevate Your Poolside Experience with Aluminum Pool Enclosures

A Affordable Aluminum, serving Houston and surrounding areas, specializes in crafting custom-built aluminum pool enclosures that transform your outdoor space into an inviting haven. We offer customized solutions to enhance your home, from screen rooms to sunrooms and patio covers. 


Our designs elevate aesthetics and create a beautiful indoor/outdoor living space, reducing pool temperatures, minimizing maintenance costs, and protecting your pool from pests and debris. 

Trust us to turn your bare concrete slab into a relaxing entertainment area with our expertise in custom pool enclosures and adherence to coastal wind-code regulations. Explore our project portfolio and let us earn your business by designing an attractive, custom-made backyard enclosure or addition.

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Pioneers in Indoor Outdoor Pool Enclosure Solutions

At A Affordable Aluminum, we provide innovative solutions for your pool with our exceptional expertise in aluminum pool enclosures. Our custom-designed solutions redefine outdoor living, offering seamless transitions from indoor to outdoor spaces. With a focus on creating captivating indoor-outdoor pool enclosures, we bring luxury and functionality together. 

Whether it's a custom pool enclosure or a swimming pool cover, our pioneering designs elevate aesthetics and enhance the overall poolside experience. Trust us to revolutionize your outdoor space, providing unmatched quality and craftsmanship in every project. Discover the perfect blend of style and practicality with our cutting-edge solutions in custom pool enclosures.

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