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Patio Covers

From simple patio covers to custom sitting areas or a shady, cool deck our insulated cover are the perfect way to create an outdoor space that protects you from the summer heat. No matter what your design idea may be, we can create the perfect custom cover for your home or business.


Redefine Your Spaces with Stylish Aluminium Patio Enclosures

Transform outdoor living with A Affordable Aluminum's bespoke solutions, from simple patio covers to custom sitting areas. Our insulated covers provide the perfect shield from the summer heat, creating an inviting and fabulous deck. Explore our offerings, including affordable patio screens, aluminum screened patios, and sophisticated aluminum patio rooms. 

Whether it's a backyard enclosure, pool enclosure, or screen room, we're dedicated to designing attractive, custom-made additions for your home or business. 

Elevate your space from a bare concrete slab to a beautiful living and entertainment area with our expertise in stylish and functional aluminum patio enclosures. Browse our project portfolio and let us earn your trust with our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.a


Stylish Design Elements: Enhance Your Outdoor Aesthetic

Elevate your outdoor space with our stylish design elements, featuring bespoke solutions such as captivating aluminum patio enclosures. From simple patio covers to custom sitting areas, we bring you affordable elegance with our aluminum-screened patio options. Explore the allure of comfortable, sophisticated aluminum patio rooms that enhance aesthetics and functionality. 

Our commitment is to transform your outdoor areas into inviting retreats, ensuring a perfect blend of style and affordability. Discover the ideal solution for your space, whether through affordable patio screens or innovative aluminum enclosures. Let us redefine your outdoor aesthetic with our expertise in creating stylish and functional elements for your home.

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